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Authentic Thai Food Close to Home....

I just had the best meal of my entire life. I should have left this review a long time ago because every time I come, everything is amazing but today I got the sweet and sour chicken and it was over the top. Ive traveled all over Europe and Asia, I've been to 5 star restaurants and they dont compare to The Mea. I recommend it to all of my friends and they all agree. I dont know how to express my joy over the experience I just had but if you dont try this place, you are missing out.

Emma T., Yelp

Stop searching and stop what you are doing and come and eat here! If you are in Plymouth or from Boston LOL come here!!!!!!! We stopped in Plymouth for a stroll and found this gem of a Thai restaurant!! Yum, amazing, delicious! Very friendly staff the food tastes like in Thailand itself. Big portions and the flavors just on point! Thank you for making great tasting and fresh food! Please keep it up like this because we will come back even if we have to drive couple of hours.

Aida A., Yelp

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